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The process

Quanimize employs a 4-step process to determine which software categories are most valuable to you now, and the vendors within them who best suit your unique needs.  Each step is outlined below.

1. Assess

Your business is unique and requires a suite of tools tailored for your specific products and services.  During the assessment step, we learn how you stand apart and formulate which technologies best meet your individual needs.

2. Advise

With so many tools including contact acquisition, CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, telephony, text, social and chat, we help you navigate the ocean of possibilities and determine the right combination for your growing business.

3. Decide
4. Execute
Ready to get started?

With our recommendation in hand, we take a deeper dive and nail down the set of applications which empower your organization to flourish.  This is where the rubber meets the road, and we help prepare you for what lies ahead.

Now that you've selected your own technology portfolio, we introduce you to the providers who deliver the software and training you need to take your company to heights you've only imagined.

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