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Service Based Sales

Service Based Sales (SBS) is a methodology centered around the question ‘What can I do for you?’.


Before every meeting, call, email and text, the SBS salesperson asks herself this question.  She also brings a point of view.  On the first call, the next sentence is  ‘Based on what I’ve learned about you and your company, I believe we can do X’.  The purpose of this introduction is getting the prospect to pause and consider a new perspective.


One of the greatest acts of service one can perform is making best use of someone else’s time.  The SBS salesperson explains her process up front and readily acknowledges the outcome of the interaction might be she can’t help.  The goal of the dialogue is a mutually agreed upon determination of whether this is something which serves the prospect.


If there are challenges which merit exploration, the next step is building a business case.  This act of service determines whether there’s financial justification to move forward, ie. not wasting time.  If not, the SBS salesperson thanks the prospect and moves on.


If there is an opportunity, the SBS salesperson has set a foundation of trust and respect, and the journey proceeds.  This mindset is present through the entire sales process, asking ‘What can I do for you?’ with each step.

To learn about applying Service Based Sales to your organization, click here.

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